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Episode 170: How to Use 15 Hours a Week to Build a Side Hustle or Business With Deanna Gillingham

July 12, 2022
The Savvy Scribe
Episode 170: How to Use 15 Hours a Week to Build a Side Hustle or Business With Deanna Gillingham
Show Notes

Are you trying to go from employee to entrepreneur? Then this episode is for you! Join me and my friend, Deanna Gillingham of The Stay at Home Nurse podcast, as we talk about how we use 15 hours a week to build our side hustle or business.

Key Points to Listen For 

  • How we use 3 hours in gathering new knowledge
  • Using 5 hours to create content and be productive
  • How to spend 4 hours directly working with clients
  • When can you spend 3 hours on marketing efforts
  • How we coach our clients to do this

Where did this concept originate?

Deanna learned this concept from Dan Miller, who discussed using 15 hours per week to transition from employee to entrepreneur and how to break it down into manageable chunks to build your side hustle or business.

How to Breakdown 15 Hours a Week

  • 3 hours for reading, studying and learning new things.

You can listen to a podcast or a course while commuting, walking your dog, or cleaning the house. You can also use the 30-minute downtime for reading a book before going to bed.

  • 5 hours for content creation, such as working on a book, a course, or coaching packages.

The best time for us to do this is in the morning, an hour before our children wake up. If you feel this might not work for you just like with us, it’s better to try and figure out when is the time your brain is the most productive. You can spend your time by breaking it down into one hour per day, or you can take that 5 hours on the weekend and focus on what you’re working on.

  • 4 hours dedicated to working directly with your clients.

This is something you can efficiently do on your day off or during the weekend. As nurses, we’ll be lucky to have extra time on a 12-hour shift or a day off during the week.

  • 3 hours for marketing efforts like building your brand and connecting to people.

If you set aside at least 30 minutes during your lunch break, you’ll be able to complete the 3-hour marketing activities that you’re working on. With some of your spare time, check your social media and Facebook community.

Where do you start?

We’re all aware that nursing schedules are weird, and they aren’t the same every week. So go through your plan, write out the breakdown of your 15 hours, and fill in the blanks with what you need to complete in each of these areas.

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