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Foolproof SEO Strategies for the Health Writer

December 15, 2020 Episode 83
The Savvy Scribe
Foolproof SEO Strategies for the Health Writer
Show Notes

In today’s episode, let’s talk about keyword research and ways to use it for your SEO strategies. I will share with you why search engine optimization or SEO is important and how you can apply it as a writer.

Must-Haves for Your SEO Strategies



Yoast is a WordPress plug-in that makes it easy for your site to meet the highest technical SEO standards. A tool that you can use when you write a blog post.  It is like a traffic system - Red means got a lot of work to do, Yellow - getting there, Green - good and publishing that. There is a free and paid option to choose from.

Meta Description

When you go to google and search something it gives you a preview text and that is the meta description. In there you want to include a keyword for whatever you’re writing about.


When you write stuff be mindful of keywords. Include them in an H1, H2 heading when you start to write because that will rank it as well but don’t stuff it with keywords.

Learning SEO strategies is such a skill that you really want to start developing because you can really add value to your work which people will want and buy because you have the skill. 

It takes time to get rankings for your content because people have had stuff that’s called evergreen that can be used over and over and it is not timely. You may never make it to number one on google but you can make it pretty close.

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