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Episode 111: How to Build a Brand That Attracts Your Ideal Client With Moriah Riona

June 29, 2021
The Savvy Scribe
Episode 111: How to Build a Brand That Attracts Your Ideal Client With Moriah Riona
Show Notes

Moriah Riona is joining us today. She is the owner of Moriah Riona Branding specializing in branding strategy, branding website design, and content marketing for women-based businesses.

She was juggling work between wedding photography and focus on branding. Finally, she decided to take branding full time. She is now a luxury brand designer and strategist for female entrepreneurs. She helps them build high-end brands so that they can show up with confidence and get booked with their clients.

She will teach us how to build a brand that effortlessly attracts your ideal client and we dive into lots of information in this workshop. But really beyond here we actually went on to a true workshop inside our Facebook Group and that went over to membership. So, if you are not a member yet, go and join now!

How to Build a Brand That Attracts Your Ideal Client

  • Be Crystal Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is

It’s much easier to focus your brand and advertise yourself to a target audience when you have a crystal-clear, well-defined ideal customer in mind. This makes it easy for those best-fit, high-quality clients to identify and contact you, so you’re not always scrambling for work.

Don’t be afraid to miss out. Entrepreneurs are trained to believe that missing an opportunity that may have changed their lives is the worst thing that could happen to them. This opportunity could be chasing after so many clients because you think that it will be a waste if you don’t go after them. If you’re saying yes to other projects that are not for your ideal client then you are saying no to potential ideal clients that could come along. Embrace the idea of attraction and repel. You have to be clear about who your ideal client is so that you can talk to them and start bringing them into your circle.

  • Ideal Client Avatar

You have to be specific with your ideal client. The ideal client avatar is creating a hyper-specific or perfect audience for your business.

When you know your avatar or client you can create a visual brand that speaks to them. You will know what your logo or website should look like. You have to build a brand and visuals, and the messaging too according to what the client needs to attract them.

Talk with your ideal client so you will know their deepest desire and pinpoints. You want to create the need or make your client realize that they need your business.

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