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Episode 118: Day 2 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge

August 05, 2021
The Savvy Scribe
Episode 118: Day 2 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge
Show Notes

Welcome to DAY TWO of the 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge. If you haven't listened to the prior episode, I recommend you go back and start at Episode 116.

If you haven't joined the challenge yet, here's the link to join:

Here we go into DAY 2!

Time Management

Today we’re diving into time management.

I love this topic because it’s how I grew my business from 0 to $15K in my first year as a writer, with only working 4 hours a week.

I have perfected my time management over time, but with the changing “seasons of life” (ahem, COVID-19, and virtual learning), changing the way I work in my business time is critical to my business growth.

There are three time management activities that I want you to take on in this challenge. Each of them will be presenting over the next few days. Those three are:

1. The Hour of Power

2. The Ideal Workweek

3. Batching

Time management helps you work smarter to work LESS.

Let’s start with the Hour of Power!

Back when I started my business, in 2015, I had some stressors/life responsibilities:

  • My kids were 2 and 10 years old
  • I had my husband
  • A Great Dane Puppy
  • I was completing my BSN online
  • I was still working full time
  • My son was in baseball
  • My other son had preschool and private speech therapy

I had the thought, “Maybe I’ll quit the business. No, I will just quit school.I feel like a bad mom, wife, and student.”

Then, I realized I just needed ONE hour to myself for my business. THAT’S when I discovered my hour of power.

My hour of power was the time when my son went to preschool.

This was when I was able to get most of my work done. It was only an hour, but an hour that I truly needed. It was at the prime time in my day when I can focus the 10 AM is was I could concentrate the most, and I didn’t know why. I’m not sure if it’s because I knew that that was my hour, or that was when I felt the most awake and ready to work.

Thankfully, my son went to preschool from 9-11 am, so the 10 am hour of power was utilized very well! During that time, when I use it to the fullest, I git some incredible results. I wrote articles, finalized drafts, created pages for my website, products, etc, all under this hour of power. And, you can too!

How Can You Use The Hour of Power

Think about your business goals.
Write down a big list of things that you want to accomplish. Maybe it is something from your goals or maybe something entirely different.

Just Say No to Social.
Try NOT check Facebook or emails during this time. Use that for when you get some down time, like when the kids are eating a snack.

Rise and Shine.
I do get up most days before 5 AM, whether it’s to drink a cup of coffee before the kids get up and prepare them for school in their day, or just to start some writing (like right now). That usually is when I can get some work completed but, most of the time, it’s researching and answering emails. I am not fully awake unless I exercise that early, so my brain is kind of foggy. My husband tries to help me try to start writing in the night time, though this doesn’t work too well when I get up before the sun. I get too sleepy, as one would imagine.

Are You a Night Owl?
If your kids sleep well, and you are a night owl, this may be an hour of power time for you. My body is most awake after exercising, so this is the best time for me when I exercise in the mor

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