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Episode 121: Day 5 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge

August 08, 2021
The Savvy Scribe
Episode 121: Day 5 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge
Show Notes

Welcome to DAY FIVE of the 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge. If you haven't listened to the prior episode, I recommend you go back and start at Episode 116.

If you haven't joined the challenge yet, here's the link to join:

Here we go into DAY 5!

As for types of writing, here are the answers.

Types of writing

Freelancers have several types of writing they can do. They include

-   Blogs
-   Web articles
-   Ebooks
-   White papers
-   Magazines
-   Courses
-   Copy (words) on websites
-   Sales pages
-   Newsletters and more.

I know we have patient stories we want to share. Save those for your friends. The writing companies want you to go beyond the bedside. Maybe you have some educational background and want to teach nurses. You can write for nursing websites.

When I started, I chose blogs because I liked a conversational tone, and they are easy to write. I had a toddler and a school-age child at the time, and I knew I needed something easy.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

What is a blog article for a health company?

Blogs are articles that combine essential elements of facts and opinions from subject matter experts.

Usually, articles that health companies want aren’t first-person focused (save those for your personal blog). Instead, they are generally third-person facing educating patients and consumers. With health tips, advice, etc.

Creating a health blog post is not as simple as they look when you read them. You have to pitch topics no one else has written on (or if it is the same, you have to make it better), and then you have to have some incredible research backing up what you know. You also have to provide evidence-based research (duh - we know that).

To make yourself a better writer, you can start to study social media platforms, how to write better, and search engine optimization. This will uplevel you from health writer to content specialist.

Today’s activity is to think about the TYPES of writing you would like to do and make a list. Research a little bit about the ones I gave you.

Tomorrow, we’re going to dive into HOW blogs are structured and how you can create an incredible post for a client.


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