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Episode 122: Day 6 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge

August 09, 2021 Episode 122
The Savvy Scribe
Episode 122: Day 6 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge
Show Notes

Welcome to DAY SIX of the 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge. If you haven't listened to the prior episode, I recommend you go back and start at Episode 116.

If you haven't joined the challenge yet, here's the link to join:

Here we go into DAY 6!

How are blogs structured?

Like I said before, I think this is the best place for writers to start. You can grow your business quickly with blog posts. Ofcourse, growing your business has to start with one client. Inside my course, you can learn HOW to pitch and how to gain clients. You’ll also be able to be a part of the Insiders Group after you graduate to pitch clients and subcontract with me for your first (and multiple) paid assignments.

How to Structure a Blog Post

Plan It Out

The first step to structure a blog post is to plan the content strategy. You have to ask: Who is your audience? This should not be an overall topic like “pet lovers”. If you write blog posts about all different topics, you won’t be found because you won’t look like an “expert” in anything. Try to scale down (or niche down) to see if you can specify what it is you exactly want to provide information about.

Be the Guide

Then, guide the reader. You can do this in several ways. Start by making blog posts answering:

·   How to

·   Why

·   What you can do to

Make sure you’re helping your reader, not trying to sell them on your product. For example, this post is about effective ways to structure a blog post. I sell packages to help business owners in their content strategy, blog management, and social media, but I also help them. I give it away, though for people to do themselves.

Set Up Systems

Even though I wrote this blog post to help business owners write their content and structure a blog post, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a link in here for me to help you. You have to have a call to action for your reader. Think about what you want them to do next. The purpose of blogging is to grow your business. Ask yourself, what do you want your reader to do next?

o   – Sign up?

o   – Click on a link?

o   – Download something?

o   – Share it?

Set up these systems to make sure they work correctly if someone clicks the link.

The Actual Structure


I like to do this last after I have the entire post was written, and I know two things:

o   – What exactly I wrote

o   – What problem I am solving

Add an image after your headline to start your content.

The Introduction

I usually write my Introduction second to last. It is essential to structure a blog post to help you introduce the entire post. A good introduction helps engage the reader and guides them to want to learn more from your content presented. What to include in an engaging introduction :

o   – Ask a question and make sure it’s relevant to the post

o   – Tell a story

White Space

After the introduction and before the body of the article press enter twice. This helps your eyes take a break. You can add an image before the post as well.

The Body

Writing for the web is different than writing for magazines or newspapers. People want to read but really people want to skim. The body is composed of the main points of your article. To make it easy on the reader include things like:

o   – Lists

o   – Bullets

o.  – Social breaks “tweet this quote” etc.

When you write your body, try to think of a topic sentence and follow with evidence. Keep in mind though, only to make your paragraphs about si

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