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Episode 123 - Day 7 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge

August 10, 2021 Episode 123
The Savvy Scribe
Episode 123 - Day 7 - 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge
Show Notes

Welcome to DAY SEVEN of the 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge. If you haven't listened to the prior episode, I recommend you go back and start at Episode 116.

If you haven't joined the challenge yet, here's the link to join:

Here we go into DAY 7!

You did it! You hopefully have been able to discover

-   Why you want to start a freelance writing business

-   When you will start your freelance writing business

-   The Types of Writing health writers do –  and choosing yours

-   How to structure a blog post for clients and steps to become a content specialist


And today

-   Who you want to write for


Don’t be Superwriter.

We call the people who try to do it all a generalist. Generalists often think they can write anything. This might be true, but companies don’t want the generalist. When trying to figure out your freelance writing niche, think about what clients are willing to pay for, and what you enjoy writing about.


After you discover your freelance writing niche, it’s time to make it visible. You can put it all over social profiles like your LinkedIn and Twitter, but don’t ignore your website and your email signature.

Think about:

·   What area do I work in (that I actually like)

·   What hobbies do I have outside of work?

·   What am I curious about?

·   What work have I done in the past?

Clients to pitch

Make a list of blogs or publications you generally like to read. Search on google “Write for us __name of publication_” or “Editor for ___name of blog__”

If you want more ideas, how to craft a pitch that will be read, and more, I invite you to sign up for my course: Plan, Produce and Profit

I really hope you liked this challenge and are ready to uplevel with the membership and course!

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