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Episode 130: How to Legally Protect Your Business with Nequosha Anderson

October 05, 2021 Episode 130
The Savvy Scribe
Episode 130: How to Legally Protect Your Business with Nequosha Anderson
Show Notes

We have a guest back with us today – Nequosha Anderson, and she is a small business lawyer. She’s going to share with us some crucial steps you should focus on to protect your business.

What Exactly is Value?

Value is simply taking the ideal client from one point to an X. That’s the value, moving them from point A to point B is the value.

Intellectual Property

People need to know you exist and what you are an expert in, then, this is when you’re creating a lot of your valuable assets. This is where you need to consult with people like Nequosha. Because now you’re creating some valuable things and people are going to know you for these valuable things and you need to be able to protect it. You need to be able to protect it early so you can leverage it when you need it. Now you’re at the point where you’re creating your intellectual property.

How Do You Protect Your Business?

There are three tools that the federal government in the United States of America, gives you to protect your ideas, your Innovation, and the reason why they created these tools is that it drives the economy. The United States economy needs inventors and needs people to create things in order to keep it going. So, you are helping out this business ecosystem by leveraging.


For tangible inventions, you need to seek out a patent attorney.


A copyright is truly where Savvy Scribes will be, we need to copyright a lot of our work so we can leverage it in the future. A copyright is a tenth of the protection of something that’s tangible in a fixed medium.


Your slogan is something that’s intangible, meaning, it’s not something you can physically touch, see, feel, taste, but it’s still creation and it’s called intellectual property and it’s not something we can touch.

Purpose of trademarking. It is so the consumer public will know the origin and source of your services and goods.

Before you ever go and trademark or think that it’s yours make sure just do a quick Google search to see if somebody already did it.

Now that you are well aware and prepared to protect your business, it’s time for leveraging. When you grow you’re going to go to different levels in your business and now it’s time to expand it on different levels and platforms. So in this case, we’re building up teams. We’re building up systems and processes to make it work without you. Get up your business team. You need a core team – an accountant and a lawyer.

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